Whiskey Refracting Light

Clenched stomachs send waves whispering words

Birds seek flight as last drops of whiskey takes their time to find rest

The bottom of a clear glass covered in fog, waiting for an epiphany

Yet light refracts, distorting plain sight

Questions asked and answered, both uttered to and from the same lips

A conversation between one, sometimes an argument ensues

Hoping to make peace in time for birds to return

And glasses of whiskey poured once again

Embrace the Rain


Trickles down from high altitudes 

White turns blue, blue to clear

Transparent drops divulge more than I wish

On my sleeve they roll without mapped destinations

I am it, it is me

Embracing rain, leaves me drenched, cleansed yet a bit uncomfortable 

Acceptance, not easy, a long road

Puddles collect, reflections emerge

Tomorrows not to be feared

Distant Parched Vistas

Guilty quiet empty roads, simmering off the grid

Distant parched vistas, pale warnings of tomorrow’s fears

Reflections off mirages return my gaze, real or not, the feelings are the same

Brushing my hand back and forth, they disappear, but cling to my thoughts wherever I go

Pointing Weather Vanes

Weather vanes standing silently

Pointing, my eyes follow their gaze

Winding roads disappearing over the horizon, searching

A tugging feeling, yet my feet remaining silent for now


Sudden gusts of wind, ricocheting whirlwinds

Brewing storms, surrounding only my space

Never a right time to step out on a ledge, taking chances

But the calling never so deep


A time to leave, a time to go

Not an ending, a beginning to take place

Lifting the veil, brushing the clouds

Leaving the shroud where it lay