Painted Orbs Released

Polaroid photos in boxes

Scratched surfaces, searching for layers beneath

Gravity pulls blues, blacks and grays, hiding them underground

While painted orbs, stretch oblong, grasping to skin, begin to glow

Break away, float, then drift away into night’s sky open arms

Released, a brand new beginning awaiting

Lost Odes, Not Lost Loves, Evermore

A trail of white whiskers, I follow you

Through bending trees softly singing lost odes, but not of lost loves

Quiet moments sway, hidden in deep valleys, under the cover of anticipation

Waiting for the silence to be broken by wandering suggestions of my own creation


My name escapes your lips without a sound, floating it searches

Your presence brushes by my ear, scents left behind to entice

A yearning awakens for another chance, another time, just one more time

Wanting to inhale, swallow, to drink

Embracing what lay before me this time, before it disappears evermore