Each Breath


Slowly inhale our love as we surround you

Filling your lungs with family

Long exhales, releasing fear and anxiety

Creating space for another breath of us, of life

Eyes closed, breathe, calm your nerves

We are here, by your side always


Circles run in opposite directions

Grains roll slowly between, following before they fall

A pinch turns empty, motion and inertia stop, waiting – listening

The space between the first turn and your voice draws closer, gaps begin to close

Hope falls lightly from above

Thousand Miles From Lavender 

Painted bridges drip water colored pathways off canvas walls

French banquets, set, lay waiting for guest’s arrival to rejoice

One thousand miles from lavender, scents brush taste buds gently, stirring reunion’s anticipation 

Homecoming embrace, someday, rejoining connections lost to time