Knee Deep

The faint sound of your voice lures me

Alone, I find myself wading through faceless currents, knee deep

My gaze searching for a ripple of hope, wanting to find you here, waiting

Only to realize that you are still gone, the sound of your memories not ready to release me

Clinging deep inside, forever whispering my name

Run Its Course

With a turn of the spigot

Gravity departs for uncommon ground

The sound of coffee cups emptying upward fills the air

Ears searching for the presence of my father’s hand

Only find rolled up blueprints bound by disintegrating bands

Yesterday has run its course, old arguments fade

The anticipation of freedom running marrow deep

Parting ways, an escape to blow in the wind

The sum of all fears left a day behind

Courage to mouth the words out loud, finding my voice

It’s time

Runaway Canyons, After and Before

The noise of time

A windfall of the bright sun

A coincidence of a last wave

Hunting for the moon’s glow during long summer days


The space between collected leaves

Mark tales of light unwritten in notebooks

Maps that chronicle forgotten roads

Thaw quiet lessons of the history of things not carried

As the bells next door chime in different colors


The sea of possibilities beyond sympathy’s fields

Singing carols of runaway canyons alternate between after and before

Rivers frame scarlet pearls from apparitions of winds spoken in French

Tread lightly among vanishing sycamores groves, I go

Yesterday’s Release

Come see for yourself

Where casted shadows on blank walls

Find themselves amidst rusted silhouettes

Tiptoeing along fields of painted brushstrokes

Jumping from void to void, footprints overlapping what was

Redefining yesterday’s recollection

Erasing familiar feelings stirred by patinaed voices

Understanding that moments can exist after currents find outlets that flow to open seas