Orchards of Unfinished Tales

The noise of time simmers

Spilling over wisdom’s edge

Orchards of unfinished tales melt into maps

Borrowed kites are let go, free to fly away



Birch trees in December

Shedding what we cannot see, parting ways

The past standing in the moment, feelings linger

Fallen leaves and bare branches feel differently against my skin

One healing the other, vice versa, back and forth

Embracing impermanence, letting go

Changing the Verse

Shadows toss tapestries against blank walls

Past’s outlines move with the arc of the sun

Voiceless motions counter deafening emotions 

Carving story lines that remain unchanged


Rewind, replay, retreat

The needle jumps back across a scratched record, my life

The chorus sung over and over again 

Until the right moment to change the verse