Mistakes of Winter

A transcription of my thoughts

Finds the right side of finely ground dreams

I begin mapping scone crumbs on open newspapers

With the realization this may be my last good chance

To unravel my mistakes of winter

Days Go By

Through the windshield, they are far in the distance

Yet I turn my head and gaze out the window, I only see a blur

Unfocused streaks leaving colored tails in their wake

Deserving of more than a moments glance

Yet it’s impossible to rewind and step back into each scene

I can only look back and reminisce fondly

Backward Glances Lessen

The symmetry of complicated winds

Follow a bend without an end in sight

As pages of signed guestbooks with made up names

Fall from forty stories up and settle at the side of the road


Folded notes telegraphed through two way mirrors

Ignore rain drop prayers that flow beneath the surface, unnoticed

Salted miracles covered in rose petals search for a moment of silence

As captive roads sing in hushed tones calling your name


Lost numbers found in random open windows

Lyrics without a melody tattooed on my chest

A reminder of the moment I embraced the turning point

Backward glances lessen, letting go