The Crumble Before the Return

Unknown messages glimmer at night

Harness songs nervous to the ear

Only in my mind, I see

Crumbling before returning to life

Time’s short supply escapes through butterfly nets

Empty pockets patiently waiting to be filled

Redefining inner voices only I hear

The moment is now to begin again

Days Go By

Through the windshield, they are far in the distance

Yet I turn my head and gaze out the window, I only see a blur

Unfocused streaks leaving colored tails in their wake

Deserving of more than a moments glance

Yet it’s impossible to rewind and step back into each scene

I can only look back and reminisce fondly

Watercolors of Past and Present Blend

Sifting through a box of self-edits

Textures graze my fingertips, recalling stories left behind

Mixed emotions resurface, decide to keep me company, just for awhile

Reminiscent moments stir my senses, tasted sounds audible only to my ears

Prodding me to relive archived scenes of long ago

Watercolors of past and present blend, waiting for the sun’s warmth to dry them off

Each blurred stroke changing ever so slightly, indistinctly

My reality, who I am

Waiting for the Right Moment

How do you know the beginning of a story

When the right moment never raises its hand to catch your attention

One spin of the dial and life tilts at unexpected angles

Forcing me to run off script and ad lib my way through uncomfortable moments

I find myself picking up secondhand voids at discount prices

A growing collection in the corner, unable to recycle, to let go

One more I say, so I say every time it seems

A convenient untruth makes me feel fine in the moment

Enough to satisfy my concerns to flutter away

How do you know the end of the story

Waiting for the right moment to raise its hand and catch my attention

Wanting to choose a new direction, find a new way

Unexpected U Turns

Unexpected U turns

The centripetal force makes me lean in your direction

Creating a balance of an unbalanced state of mind

With an underlined assurance of unexpected days to come

At ten and two, holding the wheel steady

For now, at least

But straight lines have never lived in my DNA

That space reserved for spiralgraphed road maps

Circular pathways, yielding the longest distance between two points

Causing nuanced moments to fall unseen in the rear view mirror

Gone, in a blink of an eye

Unless another unexpected U turn comes my way

Fade Away

Unknown scents found under tree lines, hidden below the morning mist

No further, daydreams stop in their tracks to listen for lyrics not yet sung

Glances over my shoulder, a presence that remains in the background

Bridges sway silently in the thickness of breathless air

And I fear I will fade away completely unless I feel the touch of your hand one more time