Passing Clouds

Footsteps hit me without warning

A walk through revolving doors, pressing pause

Finger and thumb picture frames release borrowed images not meant for public viewing

Orange shadows that line underbellies of passing clouds emit warmth that I gladly embrace and take in

Absorbing my father’s voice creates a balance of calm

A deep breath rids the turbulence of inner tornadoes

I walk out the door knowing I’m not alone

A Hint of Truth Tasted

I search for meaning in inaudible whispers

The murmur of dangling words rattle around my neck

I carry them while they sit silently in the background

Replies wisp back and forth, wondering which one is real

It depends on the day, the color of my mood, the strength of wind

A hint of truth tasted in each one

Unexpected Loss

Scattered crossroads do not always meet at 90 degrees

The intersection between two, a near miss, caught by surprise

A sparrow’s call blends with clouds, watching overhead, adrift

Absent voices color clear canvases, waiting for the wind to dry

Will they return, other than inside my head, wanting a reply

Searching for Clarity’s Signal

A string of words and awkward pauses around my neck, dangles

Waves wash ashore erasing verses not left by me

Followed pathways lead to nowhere, at a standstill, I pause

The density of silence suspends me in midair, motionless, at bay

And I wait, not knowing for what or why, nor who or when

Only searching for clarity’s signal, a lighthouse through the fog