Run Its Course

With a turn of the spigot

Gravity departs for uncommon ground

The sound of coffee cups emptying upward fills the air

Ears searching for the presence of my father’s hand

Only find rolled up blueprints bound by disintegrating bands

Yesterday has run its course, old arguments fade

The anticipation of freedom running marrow deep

Parting ways, an escape to blow in the wind

The sum of all fears left a day behind

Courage to mouth the words out loud, finding my voice

It’s time

Summer Stumbles into Fall

Summer stumbles into fall

Broken skin bleeds oranges and yellows but not reds

Leaving me confused about the colors of tomorrow

But not disheartened about the path ahead


Faith scatters voices to the side

Revealing paved walkways, making way for each step I take

Ever forward, no longer backwards

Erasing footprints behind in my wake

Playlist on a Tokyo Train

Crowded Tokyo trains

Ear drops of home in my ear

Ocean crossings travel through my thoughts

Familiar voices suspend me in air


Melodies transport me for the moment

Adrift in the warmth of nostalgia’s embrace

And just for now, all life pauses

Family, friends, home and grace


Train stops return the presence of now

Reality greets me with a bittersweet smile

I fall in step among the crowd, a departure

Home still lingers despite the miles

Los Angeles in the Rain

Los Angeles in the rain

Wanting the feel of yesterday all over again

A life line of redemption extends her hand

Dropping heartbeats between cracks in the sidewalk

End pieces of me resting at my feet

Waiting for the touch

Yet, not all to be collected

Pieces of me left behind

A time to say farewell


Penciled life lines smudged in the middle

A sequence of dreams scattered on the cutting room floor

Broken scents, delayed by the wind, drifting beyond reach

The hush that forgiveness provides after the storm

Pathways through the budding groves after the rain

Teardrops of forgotten summers, dried by the touch of the sun

We forgot the reason we came, troubled journeys come to an end