Ancestral Dance

Baratone chants follow timeless chords

Rhythms appear and disappear with the sway of her voice

Two layered hands float in unison, opposing movements, a mirror’s reflection

Ancestral heart beats, framed pieces of art, hang around their necks

Beats and movements, interlocked, each a lifeline to the other

Souls released, outstretched arms, waiting for an embrace

A Collection of Standstills

Seconds slowly cascading down burnt orange roof tops

Dry faucets, turned handles, waiting for life to flow

The smell of time passing, lungs filled with slow motion, a collection of standstills

A thin breeze meandering through the front window, finding it’s escape through the back door, a drive by greeting of sorts

Moments placed gently on a scale, finding balance once more

Charcoal Twists, Sweet Lies

Broken sleep spills cloudy tides, unseen submerged bridges

Stepping out, braving waves of uncertainty and fear

White wash fingers reaching out, hesitation’s touch felt

Yet I go forward 

Blowing dust off yesterday’s moments, darkness within, not without

Etched trails on maps of where I have been, not where I go

The taste of charcoal twists and sweet lies, difficult telling one from the other

Still I go forward