Solitude’s handshake grips tightly

The hint of salt on my lips reminds me of yesterday’s cringe

Small meaningless moments, for them, not for me

Replayed thoughts caught in a loop, round and round, they continue to turn


Unseen ravens, perched upon my shoulder

Aimless walks, through canyons of speculation and made up truths

Unable to find protection from the rain, alpacas falling from the sky

I put on my headphones, hoping to stop the world


Winter’s Return

Brisk chill against cloudless blue skies

Warmth inside layered coats 

Steam rising from hot coffee cups

Mixing with plumes of breath leaving cold lips

A welcome to winter’s return

A Mosaic of Random Moments

Apricot colored rose pedals, hidden among fallen leaves

Staring at red walls, losing count of bricks, only to begin again

The sound of fountain water, finding freedom, whistling in the air

A sleeping shadow, slowly places an arm around my shoulder as the sun’s arc begins it’s descent

Searching for answers, a wise man’s eyes, watches and waits

Footprints in the sand, erased by the incoming tide, my walk continues without a guiding hand

A mosaic of random moments, pieces perfectly fit together, viewed from a distance, a portrait of me