Gone, A Departure, Goodbye

A search for a silhouette in the crowd

Only to find fallen feathers left behind

Strewn on the ground, no message to decipher, there they lay 

Gone, a departure, a goodbye 

Yet vineyard views remain, fresh on my palate, still

How long will I remember this taste on my lips 

Will it ever leave, do I want it to

There will come a day when the freshness of morning will deafen yesterdays of the past

Cleansing my taste for new tomorrows

But yesterdays are here for now, tomorrows too far off to comprehend

And I’m left here treading between the two


Piece of Me Left Behind

Violins play

Strong strings, melancholy voice

A blend of warmth and darkness

Keeps me company while my mind meanders on long walks

Searching, voids to fill, burdens to leave by the roadside

Collecting yesterdays, not all seem to fit

Lodged deep within for now

Recalled less frequently as time passes

One day to let go

A piece of me left behind

Waiting Out the Rain

Random stones

Pebbles of imperfection

Standing in Atlas’ shadow, arms raised

Water drops fall, creating puddles that dry, then pool again

There is no escaping the rain sometimes

Only moments of seeking shelter from the downpour 

Waiting out the haze for the sun’s warmth to once again drape over my shoulders