Narrow Passageways, I Sing

Canyon walls raise both hands, holding up the sky

Water at my feet, flowing trails, depths that vary with each step

Sunlight’s reflection off water, moonlight’s warmth following its glow

Narrow passageways, tight entrance and exit ways, I emerge on the other side 

I can’t go back to who I was, I sing


Charcoal Twists, Sweet Lies

Broken sleep spills cloudy tides, unseen submerged bridges

Stepping out, braving waves of uncertainty and fear

White wash fingers reaching out, hesitation’s touch felt

Yet I go forward 

Blowing dust off yesterday’s moments, darkness within, not without

Etched trails on maps of where I have been, not where I go

The taste of charcoal twists and sweet lies, difficult telling one from the other

Still I go forward 

Unfinished Wind Chimes

Summer guests, hidden in dark rooms

Invisible lens caps covering both eyes

Hitchhiking without thumbs, following uncertainty

A graft of my imagination, melding with what I don’t see ahead

Dragonfly gazes, falling over winter

Unfinished wind chimes that lie in wait

Tomorrow’s dreams, untethered, floating away

Drifting past clouds, out of sight but not of mind

Quiet Alleyways, Cradled Thoughts

I think of quiet alleyways in the early morning

Passages that lead in, sometimes out

Sunrise still in slumber, my footsteps careful not to wake her

Cradled thoughts never leave me, keep me company as I stroll

Season’s end no longer frighten me, a handshake, an embrace

My eyes close before the bustle of the new day touch my ears

And I smile, finally drifting off to sleep

Hardly They Come

Hardly they come

Even on the eve of sevens

Long roads, high walls

The forgetting time has long since past

Early mornings greet faceless waters

Gathering scents before first steps, leaving

Inhale, lungs filled with yesterdays

Exhale, burying distant memories for now

Mirages That Never Go Away

Diverging roads, no signposts in sight

A tumbleweed of dust floats by as if to whisper, “follow me”

Closed fists fill empty pockets, warmth and emptiness intertwined inside

Yesterdays clenched around the last words to touch my ears, your voice

Paths absent of footsteps, horizons obstructed by haze

Tomorrow, friend or foe, nobody knows

Watered visions, blurred eyesight, mirages that never go away