Chance Encounter, Bittersweet Aftertaste

Rounded corners that bring me to a halt

Eye to eye, we stare, words unspoken

Quietly, steps retraced, will you follow 

Waiting, I stand, without hint of pursuit, a quiet moment

Chance encounter, lingers on my lips, a bittersweet aftertaste 

Separate ways we travel, never to taste evermore 




Gravity takes over

Falling down

Looking up

Slow motion

Wind through my hair

Hands and arms above my head

Pressing pause just before impact

Stopping in mid-air




Reaching over, pressing play

Splash begins at my feet 

Through my body

Over my head

Bubbles rise

The soles of my feet touch the bottom

Knees bend, I push up to the surface

Air, lungs

Inhale, exhale

The sound of laughter

Climbing out

Climbing up

Ready to do it again