Marooned melodies, isolated from truth’s ear

A leap of faith in search of a ledge, wanting the urge to fly

Side doors doubling as escape routes, slipping away unnoticed, dare I go

Followed unseen with each footstep, I hear them close behind

Let Me

Scribbled thoughts without an end

Searching for a release that eases the pain of inner voices

Written words never said

But know that exist all too well

And I drift

Drift between yesterdays and moments not yet sung

Unsteady plateaus that tilt with each step

I grab hold for fear of falling back

Only to fall forward, at the mercy of my own gravitational pull

And I ask

Where do I land?

Steady ground beneath my feet

Or is this constant falling where I’m suppose lie

Wrapped in a blend of comfort and unease

Knowing the only certainty is my own uncertainty

There has to be more

Let me heal

Let me heal and mend broken words and my uneven sighs

Let me heal

I have to try


Memories watercolored across blue skies, savored views that grow fonder with age

Fragrance’s fingertips fall softly upon rose petals, a concerto that moves with the breeze

Silhouettes dance undetected in the shadows, private celebrations not for public view

Joys of living condensed inside myself, life inhaled then exhaled into the wind