Clenched Grip, My Own Hands

Waiting on weighted words

Clinging burdens that never disappear

Silent aching, each step, a reminder of what was

Clenched grip, staring at my own hands

Deceiving no longer, truth lying in open palms

It is I, not it

That refuses to let go




11 thoughts on “Clenched Grip, My Own Hands

  1. We have our choices in life, and it is up to us to let go of pain or burden. Many times, we hang on; even to toxicity, because it’s what we’ve always known. Simply captivating and unfortunately, very real.


    1. Your comment really hit home. I often use time as a band aid and just when I think it’s behind me, out of nowhere it resurfaces, without prompting. Man, sometimes it cuts like a knife. But I tuck it away again, knowing it will one day stop by for a quick hello…

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