Bartering for Moments

Reels spinning round and round

Home movies projected against the inside of my eyelids

Lingering smiles that cannot be chased away

Ringing laughter, heard only by me


Darkness, though I lie

The warmth of familiar faces drape around my shoulders

I am not alone, especially in times like these

Rays of light greet me, even with eyes closed


A quiet prayer sung under my breath

Barterng for moments, a few seconds more

I fear never finding my way back

Never returning to this exact moment in time

Wood Grain Pathways

Wood grain trails painted on table tops

Fingertips tracing raised pathways, eyes closed, searching

Straight lines do not exist, unexpected turns and detours accumulate, I keep them in my pocket

Unknowns hide beyond crests, ascending, sun’s rays peeking over the edge

Almost there, no turning back

Cascading Grain of Sand

Soft hymns in quiet churches

Exposed skin, absorbing every note

Chasing heavy thoughts deep into the forest

A sense of relief, a reunion, never tiring of it’s company


Moments of silence at song’s end, a comforting embrace

A pause, a single grain of sand falling, cascading down a slope

Sounds of forgiveness, reaching out to me

Burdens melting, at least for now

Wishing Tree

Scrawled words on long paper strips

Wishes tied to tree branches, clinging to hope’s breath

A rope hanging from above, an aged Buddhist monk takes hold, three pulls

Echo’s hand pressed against my back, a sign for me to turn

Bamboo lined pathways, escorts my long walk

Dusted footprints left behind

Frayed Path Crossings

Frayed shoe lace tips

A spider crosses my path

I think of film clips that fall to the ground, pile at my feet, buried

It’s not yet morning, but muted voices keep me company as I wait

Moments slips through the holes of my net, no matter how many times captured

Drifting, watching, letting go, I sigh

Hidden behind wooden fences, a safe distance away

But I can’t escape the feeling that all eyes are upon me