Sideways, I Find Myself

Sideways, I find myself

With tilted views through unfocused lense

As skies pour from glass pitchers, upwards they fall

Puddles form overhead, waiting for children’s feet to take flight and land, splashing laughter below

Memories spill, overflowing with yesterday’s faint scent

Rested foreheads gently lie on my shoulder, they’ve returned

Lingering for tomorrow, a reunion, never to let go again

Open Nets, Capturing Now (Revised)

Silent symphonies follow

While summers walk in circles, side by side

My adolescence used to tip toe on sunset’s edge

Arms outstretched for balance, trying not to fall


Water colors layed out to dry in quiet gardens

To linger, a wish felt at a later time

Armful of naive moments spilling onto the ground

Longing only felt when grey touches my brow


Seconds, an eternity each, then

Time, no longer a luxury as years roll by

Fogotten moments, once lost, float slowly overhead 

Open nets sail across blue skies, capturing now

Asking for a Sign

Refuge does not imply running into dark tunnels

Swimming in knotted ropes, I can’t go back

To sun sets that fall below horizons’ sharpened edge

Just arm’s length away, I stretch

A touch, drops fall from fingertips, creating shallow frantic puddles

I float, waiting for a sign, hoping someone will hear

Seasons Change

Summer’s sun yearns for fall colors

Grounds scattered with layered leaves

Slices of life that have come and gone

Wishing cold breezes whisk them away


Fall’s barren trees no longer block views of cloudy skies

Bird silhouettes fly across cloud backdrops, in search of winter

December snow may be upon us, I wonder as anticipation grows

If forgiveness will fall from above, granting permission to say goodbye


Morning sunrise reflects off untouched snowfall

Tossed rocks, sink deep out of sight, hidden but still there

Holes remain in the beauty of innocence, not for all to see

Naive no longer, blemished, forever waiting for the thaw


Cherry blossoms rain soft petals

Flittering, their descent takes their time, no hurry to reach the ground

There is beauty in their fall, rebirth of life that once was dark, colors prevail

Fading scars blend with changing seasons, seasons of change never go away