Compressed weight dissolves, yet contours remain

Yesterday’s imprinted curve, a travel down accelerating valleys with slow ascents

Level ground eventually reverts back, as if a butter knife slowly spreads sanity across my thoughts

At least until tomorrow, or the next time the ground moves beneath my feet

Layers evolve, differing colors, textures, depths, one on top the the other

Some blend in a comfortable embrace, others distance themselves, seeking a necessary solitude

A patchwork of what was, what I am, each a tree ring of the past, hidden within

Solace Found at Sunrise

Blind ears digest shadowed words

Phrases follow footsteps, leaving trails of imprints in its wake

Confessions unravel, tangled currents intertwine below the surface

Solace found at sunrise, between layers of oranges stacked upon greys

Erasure’s tranquil hymns sung softly in my ear


Painted colors exposed to the sun

Rays of light as the sun falls behind stoic mountains

Smiles that disappear at farewell’s lips

Yesterday’s anger stemmed from words of passion

Memories that drift from view from an aging mind

Faded seasons, letting go