Mirages That Never Go Away

Diverging roads, no signposts in sight

A tumbleweed of dust floats by as if to whisper, “follow me”

Closed fists fill empty pockets, warmth and emptiness intertwined inside

Yesterdays clenched around the last words to touch my ears, your voice

Paths absent of footsteps, horizons obstructed by haze

Tomorrow, friend or foe, nobody knows

Watered visions, blurred eyesight, mirages that never go away

Mirrors Flash Identical Smiles

Wind blown sails

Salt scented breezes

Reminders of spirits I’ve never met, that never go away


Reoccurring dreams

Follow like clouds on leashes

Daylight or nighttime, the ending is always the same


Dejavu moments

Transport me to another time

Feelings mimic reality, more powerful in some ways


Today, tomorrow, forevermore

Mirrors flash identical smiles

Maybe it’s time to close my eyes, slowly drift off to sleep

Fireflies at Night

Running spirits pass me by

Watching as distance between us grows

Like fireflies at night

Jagged movements, unexpected pivots

Searching eyes, even when closed

Dimming momentarily, faint voices taking their time

Patiently waiting, longing to hear you once again