Chords Float to the Top

Stories drawn from bottoms of deep wells

Hands, wrinkled with time, outstretched, lie in wait

Light falling rain, fills gaps, pooling unsaid words

Chords float to the top, unsurfaced mysteries solved aloud

The sun pulls at my skin, penetrating warmth, an embrace

The sound of your voice lulls me to sleep

Unexpected U Turns

Unexpected U turns

The centripetal force makes me lean in your direction

Creating a balance of an unbalanced state of mind

With an underlined assurance of unexpected days to come

At ten and two, holding the wheel steady

For now, at least

But straight lines have never lived in my DNA

That space reserved for spiralgraphed road maps

Circular pathways, yielding the longest distance between two points

Causing nuanced moments to fall unseen in the rear view mirror

Gone, in a blink of an eye

Unless another unexpected U turn comes my way