Waiting for Calm

A smooth stone skips on a glass surface

Temporary ripples leave behind knotted trails

Reflections shimmer, blurred imprints of what may or may not be

Waiting for calm, the calm in waiting, seesawing back and forth

November Embrace

November winds shift

Open windows, curtains dance 

Passageways open, barriers broken

Awakened senses, lifted weights

Winter’s breath, a warm embrace

Radiance, My First Taste

Circled pathways in unexpected places, discovered revelations lure me closer

Decrypted signposts and camouflaged arrows emerge, lying in wait for my approaching steps

Thin arcs, cello strings under foot, vibration traveling from my soles, through my soul

Radiance, not seen but felt, my first taste of the color yellow, savoring to the last drop