Soft Landings, Second Chances

In slow motion a vase tips, freezes, then tumbles forward

A second wind blows, pedals fall like rain, light currents barely felt move me

A splash of broken shards, barefoot on wooden floors, a walk between sharp pieces of myself

Soft landings, layered words of forgiveness, roads leading to second chances

Radiance, My First Taste

Circled pathways in unexpected places, discovered revelations lure me closer

Decrypted signposts and camouflaged arrows emerge, lying in wait for my approaching steps

Thin arcs, cello strings under foot, vibration traveling from my soles, through my soul

Radiance, not seen but felt, my first taste of the color yellow, savoring to the last drop

In Time, Someday

Roofless houses hidden under trees, avoiding the storm

Shadeless windows reveal winter’s arrival, one leaf at a time

Colors fall, replaced with barren branches wearing coats of white

Like forgotten memories, birds fly away, never to return, until they do

Pale warnings left behind, eyes closed, tomorrow’s fears remain

A faint light in the distance, searching for an iris in winter, an improbable pursuit

A glimpse of hope not seen, yet to be felt, sitting just out of reach.

A faint whisper of patience touches me – in time, someday