Fallen Coins Waiting

Fallen coins, sounds below my grasp

Pocket holes lose more than loose change that roll away

On edge they balance, eventually leaning to one side or another

My vantage point, hurried oval rotations that eventually come to a stop

Heads lay softly, warmth from folded wings

There they lay, one day to be picked up by another, waiting

Quiet Alleyways, Cradled Thoughts

I think of quiet alleyways in the early morning

Passages that lead in, sometimes out

Sunrise still in slumber, my footsteps careful not to wake her

Cradled thoughts never leave me, keep me company as I stroll

Season’s end no longer frighten me, a handshake, an embrace

My eyes close before the bustle of the new day touch my ears

And I smile, finally drifting off to sleep

Puzzle Pieces of Me

A box turned upside down

Scattered pieces 

Not all fitting perfectly

In fact, some not belonging at all

Taught to start at the edges

Making the frame

Filling in the rest thereafter

But it’s not quite that simple 

Finding missing pieces at the end

Or parts left without a connection

Standing back

A look from afar

My reflection returning my gaze 

Pointing Weather Vanes

Weather vanes standing silently

Pointing, my eyes follow their gaze

Winding roads disappearing over the horizon, searching

A tugging feeling, yet my feet remaining silent for now


Sudden gusts of wind, ricocheting whirlwinds

Brewing storms, surrounding only my space

Never a right time to step out on a ledge, taking chances

But the calling never so deep


A time to leave, a time to go

Not an ending, a beginning to take place

Lifting the veil, brushing the clouds

Leaving the shroud where it lay