Chance Encounter, Bittersweet Aftertaste

Rounded corners that bring me to a halt

Eye to eye, we stare, words unspoken

Quietly, steps retraced, will you follow 

Waiting, I stand, without hint of pursuit, a quiet moment

Chance encounter, lingers on my lips, a bittersweet aftertaste 

Separate ways we travel, never to taste evermore 


Patience, A Much Needed Pause

Spiral staircases leading up and down, twists existing in both directions – a choice

A child spins round and round, arms extended in the pouring rain – a stumble, a fall

Lit fuses, pinwheels racing clockwise, my mind running counter – two forces that repel 

Sitting on footsteps, waiting out the rain, allowing light’s glow – patience, a much needed pause