Ever There

Ceilings suspended above, upward is my gaze

Searching for your breath, to know you are with me, are you ever there?

Only an empty space where your voice should exist, why can’t I ever hear you?

And I wonder if you are waiting and watching, hoping for me to speak first


Marooned melodies, isolated from truth’s ear

A leap of faith in search of a ledge, wanting the urge to fly

Side doors doubling as escape routes, slipping away unnoticed, dare I go

Followed unseen with each footstep, I hear them close behind

Essence Left Behind

Transitions through pictures

Images thrown on brick walls at dusk

So close, without seeing

In search of outlines of your presence

Before the fade, will I find you

Or find myself standing in the essence you left behind



The Sound of Feeling

What sound does a feeling make

The sigh of umbrellas parachuting from above

Dust ups humming in circular motions

A cold splash of an anchor searching for the ocean floor in winter

The moment of wonder experiencing snow for the very first time

Stepping outside, the anticipation of rain soaking into your skin

The feeling of being infinite

Sometimes I Shift

The world shifts

Sometimes not I with it

Clockwise blurs blow whirlwinds

Standing firm, I wait for the calm

And count leaves in rotation

Tunnels, cocoons, narrow alleyways

Each take their turn

A flip book of pictures caught in a loop

As time watches for the perfect moment to step in


The world shifts yet again

And I wonder if this time I will shift with it

Chance Encounters Fate

Rounded corners bind unexpected ties

Narrow pathways leave little room to pass

Sudden encounters suspend thought then motion

Standstill’s silence hangs in the air


Racing thoughts nudge unspoken words

Glances met, uncertainty exchanged

Chance and fate barter for this moment

Unclear who won the tug of war


Corners rounded, anticipation chants

Encounter’s scent remains at my side

Past’s mirage reflected in the mirror

No escape, nowhere to hide