Patience, A Much Needed Pause

Spiral staircases leading up and down, twists existing in both directions – a choice

A child spins round and round, arms extended in the pouring rain – a stumble, a fall

Lit fuses, pinwheels racing clockwise, my mind running counter – two forces that repel 

Sitting on footsteps, waiting out the rain, allowing light’s glow – patience, a much needed pause

Another Sigh Released

A sigh finds it’s way through the downtown skyline, a winding path

A memory sits on the tip of my tongue, just long enough for flavors and taste buds to dance

A closed umbrella at my side, despite falling rain, eyes skyward, I pause

Cold, refreshing droplets, one by one fall, my skin catching each one, puddles deep enough to dive in

A flow of strangers pass left and right, a river’s current detouring around both sides

Motionless where I stand, a frozen moment in the midst of the movement of the world, another sigh released

Ancestral Dance

Baratone chants follow timeless chords

Rhythms appear and disappear with the sway of her voice

Two layered hands float in unison, opposing movements, a mirror’s reflection

Ancestral heart beats, framed pieces of art, hang around their necks

Beats and movements, interlocked, each a lifeline to the other

Souls released, outstretched arms, waiting for an embrace