Slip Away

Linger’s lyrics, serenade

Slip away, follow me

All we let in still remains

Leave behind, parting ways

Paper thoughts, cluttered mind

Open windows, set them free

Burdened shoulders, ease their pain

Forgive myself, accepting me


The Path, There and Back

Walk the path

There and back

Prayers tucked away in chest pockets

As sighs surround dawn lights that peek behind morning clouds

Knocks on doors travel past sign posts pointing west

And I should hear footsteps, but they are nowhere to be found

Yet I find solace in the silence of two branches, bound together by beads by the roadside, I kneel

A pile of fallen leaves warm inscribed names hidden beneath

I leave it there in its open hands before sunrise, I rise

And I walk the path

There and back

Whiskey Refracting Light

Clenched stomachs send waves whispering words

Birds seek flight as last drops of whiskey takes their time to find rest

The bottom of a clear glass covered in fog, waiting for an epiphany

Yet light refracts, distorting plain sight

Questions asked and answered, both uttered to and from the same lips

A conversation between one, sometimes an argument ensues

Hoping to make peace in time for birds to return

And glasses of whiskey poured once again


Painted colors exposed to the sun

Rays of light as the sun falls behind stoic mountains

Smiles that disappear at farewell’s lips

Yesterday’s anger stemmed from words of passion

Memories that drift from view from an aging mind

Faded seasons, letting go




Gravity takes over

Falling down

Looking up

Slow motion

Wind through my hair

Hands and arms above my head

Pressing pause just before impact

Stopping in mid-air




Reaching over, pressing play

Splash begins at my feet 

Through my body

Over my head

Bubbles rise

The soles of my feet touch the bottom

Knees bend, I push up to the surface

Air, lungs

Inhale, exhale

The sound of laughter

Climbing out

Climbing up

Ready to do it again