Mirages That Never Go Away

Diverging roads, no signposts in sight

A tumbleweed of dust floats by as if to whisper, “follow me”

Closed fists fill empty pockets, warmth and emptiness intertwined inside

Yesterdays clenched around the last words to touch my ears, your voice

Paths absent of footsteps, horizons obstructed by haze

Tomorrow, friend or foe, nobody knows

Watered visions, blurred eyesight, mirages that never go away

10 thoughts on “Mirages That Never Go Away

  1. Wandering open roads have always been appealing to me. I’m on the west coast. I’ve always have had the urge to jump in my car and just drive east… Back roads, small towns, no itinerary… One day I hope to find the time and courage to go… Hitchhiking? Now that sounds adventurous…

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    1. West coast is certainly the place to do it (my time was spent predominantly in the Northwest). There’s a whole world out there, jump ship and go do it. The most peaceful I every felt was watching the sun come up, fresh coffee, full tank of gas, middle of nowhere and the first cigarette of the day. It can be amazing….only thing I might advise after o’ so many painful lessons: make sure you have a home to go back to. The world is beautiful – but it’s not a place you’d want to live, šŸ™‚


  2. You’re on the west side, aka the BEST SIDE! California or Northeast? Either way there’s a certain type of energy that resides on these parts that makes it easier and almost encouraging to be a wander and just travel the roads to personal enlightenment.


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