Marooned melodies, isolated from truth’s ear

A leap of faith in search of a ledge, wanting the urge to fly

Side doors doubling as escape routes, slipping away unnoticed, dare I go

Followed unseen with each footstep, I hear them close behind

My Father’s Voice

Lead me through the maze of tangents, avoiding aftermaths disguised as sunsets

Where balcony views shine truths about empty chimes

And lessons are found through sunlight piercing through broken doors

Collections of anonymous indifference remains at the side of the road

My father’s voice linger in the wind, beckoning

The smell of fields graze my soul, reminding me I’m not far from home

Scattered Leaflets Fall Like Confetti

Standing on platforms after the last train

The scent of falling stars burn my eyes

Karma evens the scales, a jolt returning me back to life

Stir autographed story lines purposely forgotten


Fresh ink on old proofed copies, reminders still wet to the touch

Right siding my compass, the magnetic pull forcing a turn

Scattered leaflets fall like confetti, gravity pulls in one direction

Lining streets, cushioning my fall

Pausing Underwater


Beauty of muted sounds

Movement in slow motion

Above, the sun’s rays reflect on the moment

Leisurely I contemplate joining the conversation

Resurfacing to engage once more

I pause just for one last embrace

Before opening up to the sky at the last moment

Deep gusts of breath fill my lungs

It burns, but in a good way

I feel alive

Run Its Course

With a turn of the spigot

Gravity departs for uncommon ground

The sound of coffee cups emptying upward fills the air

Ears searching for the presence of my father’s hand

Only find rolled up blueprints bound by disintegrating bands

Yesterday has run its course, old arguments fade

The anticipation of freedom running marrow deep

Parting ways, an escape to blow in the wind

The sum of all fears left a day behind

Courage to mouth the words out loud, finding my voice

It’s time