Los Angeles in the Rain

Los Angeles in the rain

Wanting the feel of yesterday all over again

A life line of redemption extends her hand

Dropping heartbeats between cracks in the sidewalk

End pieces of me resting at my feet

Waiting for the touch

Yet, not all to be collected

Pieces of me left behind

A time to say farewell


Twelve miles of hapless conversations

Finds me in the midst of a herd of zebras

Unnoticed, muddled between the lines


Displaced lyrics written in invisible ink

Search for runaway melodies to make them whole

Paths cross on crowded streets, without anyone knowing their name


Traveling the edge of an empty glass

Sirens sing, searching for the right voice to catch my ear

Neighboring tones change with the presence of each new ghost


Introspection by my side

Shades the sun from my eyes

The pendulum of light and darkness eventually lulls me to sleep

The Shape of Blue

What shape does blue cast

Seeping beneath skin and voice

Shades change, without control or anticipation

Pinprick reminders morph to warm summer skies

The pendulum swings back and forth

Momentum, it cannot be stopped

Footsteps, not always in line with the beat

Imprints are left behind

A reminder of where we’ve been

Embrace the Rain


Trickles down from high altitudes 

White turns blue, blue to clear

Transparent drops divulge more than I wish

On my sleeve they roll without mapped destinations

I am it, it is me

Embracing rain, leaves me drenched, cleansed yet a bit uncomfortable 

Acceptance, not easy, a long road

Puddles collect, reflections emerge

Tomorrows not to be feared