Not From the Side Roads

Parted song lyrics don’t tell the true story

Nor will the words that won’t leave my mouth

Guessing at non-existent circles causes confusion

And I have to find you, to explain

Explain from the start, not from the side roads

I don’t know how to gather the strength to stand and take the first step


Aged But Not Wiser

The touch of her face

Life, I remember

Merely a time that dangles in the air

Lies that swirl off my lips

Cries that evaporate in the midst of rain

Broken ice, I now tread lightly

Aged but not wiser

Captured Split Second Pieces

The sound of butterfly nets

In slow motion arcs

Divide clouds

And sift through words

Capturing tenderness and warmth

In split second pieces

That easily escape the naked eye

Held just for now

Savored and embraced

They are released back to the sky

Awaiting others

To be recaptured and inhaled

Shared sentiments to be relived

Connections that continue through time



Short walks with long strides

My head still feels the heaviness

From the weight of the fog

Not from pressure of the mass

The leaves that lay on the ground spin

Swirling and creating a blindfold around my eyes

And I pause for a moment to collect my thoughts

And gather myself before returning home