Runaway Canyons, After and Before

The noise of time

A windfall of the bright sun

A coincidence of a last wave

Hunting for the moon’s glow during long summer days


The space between collected leaves

Mark tales of light unwritten in notebooks

Maps that chronicle forgotten roads

Thaw quiet lessons of the history of things not carried

As the bells next door chime in different colors


The sea of possibilities beyond sympathy’s fields

Singing carols of runaway canyons alternate between after and before

Rivers frame scarlet pearls from apparitions of winds spoken in French

Tread lightly among vanishing sycamores groves, I go


Essence Left Behind

Transitions through pictures

Images thrown on brick walls at dusk

So close, without seeing

In search of outlines of your presence

Before the fade, will I find you

Or find myself standing in the essence you left behind



The Sound of Feeling

What sound does a feeling make

The sigh of umbrellas parachuting from above

Dust ups humming in circular motions

A cold splash of an anchor searching for the ocean floor in winter

The moment of wonder experiencing snow for the very first time

Stepping outside, the anticipation of rain soaking into your skin

The feeling of being infinite

A Hint of Truth Tasted

I search for meaning in inaudible whispers

The murmur of dangling words rattle around my neck

I carry them while they sit silently in the background

Replies wisp back and forth, wondering which one is real

It depends on the day, the color of my mood, the strength of wind

A hint of truth tasted in each one

Each Breath


Slowly inhale our love as we surround you

Filling your lungs with family

Long exhales, releasing fear and anxiety

Creating space for another breath of us, of life

Eyes closed, breathe, calm your nerves

We are here, by your side always