Silent embers


Inferno leans over

Whispers in my ear


Thanks to haikubebe for tagging me on this writing challenge:  inferno in 10 words 

Writing Challenge: Inferno in 10 Words

Overhang of Thoughts

An overhang of thoughts 

It’s shadow drapes below

A silhouette that changes form with each passing impression

The warmth of the sun, a yearning

My arm outstretched, hoping just for a touch 

Feathered Imprints

Long arms reach out, grasping at air

I am waiting, not knowing for what

Standing in the open, I look down and see my shadow has disappeared 

A sigh escapes, a flock of birds take flight where my breath left off

Fading small dots in the distance, they leave

Feathered imprints fall in their wake

And I’m left here wondering what is next, if anything at all