Dust Storms and Dried Tulips

Dust storms and dried tulips

Footprints disappear in my wake, a never ending walk

Petals fall to the ground, there they lay

Searching for shade among shadows, they scurry away

I’m left exposed, the sun’s spotlight follows my every step

Wishing for a gust of wind to blow me away

Watercolored Moments

Hues of blue

Brushstrokes, tails streak then gently fade

Open air, slowly drying to the sound of her voice

Eyes closed, memorizing the exact moment when I knew

Truth’s colors blending in time

Held close, not to be shared with the world 

Gentle Rumbles Seeking

Panoramic views only steps away, yet the thickness of forests envelops me

Unable to see beyond the trees, shaded by long shadows, strong grips hold me in place 

Light’s existence a drum beat away, gentle rumbles seeking my ear’s fingertips, wooing me to step forward and be seen

Moving forward a moment at a time, I cannot stay here, standstills are no way to live

Courage inside fear, strength regardless of tomorrows, it’s time

A leap of faith, grabs my hand, soothes my mind, leading me forward, no longer alone