Embrace the Rain


Trickles down from high altitudes 

White turns blue, blue to clear

Transparent drops divulge more than I wish

On my sleeve they roll without mapped destinations

I am it, it is me

Embracing rain, leaves me drenched, cleansed yet a bit uncomfortable 

Acceptance, not easy, a long road

Puddles collect, reflections emerge

Tomorrows not to be feared


8 thoughts on “Embrace the Rain

    1. Sometimes there is a conflicting balance that exists in situations. I’ve noticed it more as I’ve gotten older. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m just aware about how I feel and how I react internally to things. Thanks for keying in on it! I really appreciate your comments!

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  1. No life is completely devoid of pain. I enjoyed how you wrote about the beauty that exists in rain, for how are we to know what joy is without having experienced what suffering is, as well. Superb poetry.


    1. Joy and suffering can’t be truly appreciated without the other. Sometimes we need to experience one to remind us of the other. Thanks for stopping by. By the way, I’ve enjoyed how you have included your original artwork and your recoded verses on your blog. Your writing is wonderful to read.

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