Twelve miles of hapless conversations

Finds me in the midst of a herd of zebras

Unnoticed, muddled between the lines


Displaced lyrics written in invisible ink

Search for runaway melodies to make them whole

Paths cross on crowded streets, without anyone knowing their name


Traveling the edge of an empty glass

Sirens sing, searching for the right voice to catch my ear

Neighboring tones change with the presence of each new ghost


Introspection by my side

Shades the sun from my eyes

The pendulum of light and darkness eventually lulls me to sleep


Painted colors exposed to the sun

Rays of light as the sun falls behind stoic mountains

Smiles that disappear at farewell’s lips

Yesterday’s anger stemmed from words of passion

Memories that drift from view from an aging mind

Faded seasons, letting go

Sound of Silence

Vapors escape skyward, just out of reach

Parched, a salty taste remains, overwhelming the senses

Shimmering illusions lie at horizon’s edge

Awaiting my arrival, long lost friends

Distance remains, gaps never seem to close

Undeterred, reminders float within eyesight 

Mirages existing in the sounds of silence

Patience, A Much Needed Pause

Spiral staircases leading up and down, twists existing in both directions – a choice

A child spins round and round, arms extended in the pouring rain – a stumble, a fall

Lit fuses, pinwheels racing clockwise, my mind running counter – two forces that repel 

Sitting on footsteps, waiting out the rain, allowing light’s glow – patience, a much needed pause

Captured in Black and White

Inhaling deeply, orange embers dance

Even in darkness, beauty exists, glowing

Perfectly still, imitating statues waiting for dusk, a soul stirs

Exhaled truths, breath mixed with hope and life, hovering

An embrace suspended in air, time stops, surrounded by heartbeat’s voice

A pose, waiting, captured in black and white

Gentle Rumbles Seeking

Panoramic views only steps away, yet the thickness of forests envelops me

Unable to see beyond the trees, shaded by long shadows, strong grips hold me in place 

Light’s existence a drum beat away, gentle rumbles seeking my ear’s fingertips, wooing me to step forward and be seen

Moving forward a moment at a time, I cannot stay here, standstills are no way to live

Courage inside fear, strength regardless of tomorrows, it’s time

A leap of faith, grabs my hand, soothes my mind, leading me forward, no longer alone