Unexpected U Turns

Unexpected U turns

The centripetal force makes me lean in your direction

Creating a balance of an unbalanced state of mind

With an underlined assurance of unexpected days to come

At ten and two, holding the wheel steady

For now, at least

But straight lines have never lived in my DNA

That space reserved for spiralgraphed road maps

Circular pathways, yielding the longest distance between two points

Causing nuanced moments to fall unseen in the rear view mirror

Gone, in a blink of an eye

Unless another unexpected U turn comes my way

Searching for Clarity’s Signal

A string of words and awkward pauses around my neck, dangles

Waves wash ashore erasing verses not left by me

Followed pathways lead to nowhere, at a standstill, I pause

The density of silence suspends me in midair, motionless, at bay

And I wait, not knowing for what or why, nor who or when

Only searching for clarity’s signal, a lighthouse through the fog

Charcoal Twists, Sweet Lies

Broken sleep spills cloudy tides, unseen submerged bridges

Stepping out, braving waves of uncertainty and fear

White wash fingers reaching out, hesitation’s touch felt

Yet I go forward 

Blowing dust off yesterday’s moments, darkness within, not without

Etched trails on maps of where I have been, not where I go

The taste of charcoal twists and sweet lies, difficult telling one from the other

Still I go forward 

Unfinished Wind Chimes

Summer guests, hidden in dark rooms

Invisible lens caps covering both eyes

Hitchhiking without thumbs, following uncertainty

A graft of my imagination, melding with what I don’t see ahead

Dragonfly gazes, falling over winter

Unfinished wind chimes that lie in wait

Tomorrow’s dreams, untethered, floating away

Drifting past clouds, out of sight but not of mind