Knee Deep

The faint sound of your voice lures me

Alone, I find myself wading through faceless currents, knee deep

My gaze searching for a ripple of hope, wanting to find you here, waiting

Only to realize that you are still gone, the sound of your memories not ready to release me

Clinging deep inside, forever whispering my name

Chords Float to the Top

Stories drawn from bottoms of deep wells

Hands, wrinkled with time, outstretched, lie in wait

Light falling rain, fills gaps, pooling unsaid words

Chords float to the top, unsurfaced mysteries solved aloud

The sun pulls at my skin, penetrating warmth, an embrace

The sound of your voice lulls me to sleep

Captured Split Second Pieces

The sound of butterfly nets

In slow motion arcs

Divide clouds

And sift through words

Capturing tenderness and warmth

In split second pieces

That easily escape the naked eye

Held just for now

Savored and embraced

They are released back to the sky

Awaiting others

To be recaptured and inhaled

Shared sentiments to be relived

Connections that continue through time


Yesterday’s Release

Come see for yourself

Where casted shadows on blank walls

Find themselves amidst rusted silhouettes

Tiptoeing along fields of painted brushstrokes

Jumping from void to void, footprints overlapping what was

Redefining yesterday’s recollection

Erasing familiar feelings stirred by patinaed voices

Understanding that moments can exist after currents find outlets that flow to open seas

The Path, There and Back

Walk the path

There and back

Prayers tucked away in chest pockets

As sighs surround dawn lights that peek behind morning clouds

Knocks on doors travel past sign posts pointing west

And I should hear footsteps, but they are nowhere to be found

Yet I find solace in the silence of two branches, bound together by beads by the roadside, I kneel

A pile of fallen leaves warm inscribed names hidden beneath

I leave it there in its open hands before sunrise, I rise

And I walk the path

There and back