Sketches across blank walls, finding who I want to be

Horizons parting Earth from heaven, searching for a way of life to lead

Paths of life, indirect roads, destinations unforeseen

Unable to erase what’s drawn before, continue forward in search of me

My Father’s Voice

Lead me through the maze of tangents, avoiding aftermaths disguised as sunsets

Where balcony views shine truths about empty chimes

And lessons are found through sunlight piercing through broken doors

Collections of anonymous indifference remains at the side of the road

My father’s voice linger in the wind, beckoning

The smell of fields graze my soul, reminding me I’m not far from home

Pausing Underwater


Beauty of muted sounds

Movement in slow motion

Above, the sun’s rays reflect on the moment

Leisurely I contemplate joining the conversation

Resurfacing to engage once more

I pause just for one last embrace

Before opening up to the sky at the last moment

Deep gusts of breath fill my lungs

It burns, but in a good way

I feel alive

Backward Glances Lessen

The symmetry of complicated winds

Follow a bend without an end in sight

As pages of signed guestbooks with made up names

Fall from forty stories up and settle at the side of the road


Folded notes telegraphed through two way mirrors

Ignore rain drop prayers that flow beneath the surface, unnoticed

Salted miracles covered in rose petals search for a moment of silence

As captive roads sing in hushed tones calling your name


Lost numbers found in random open windows

Lyrics without a melody tattooed on my chest

A reminder of the moment I embraced the turning point

Backward glances lessen, letting go

Passing Clouds

Footsteps hit me without warning

A walk through revolving doors, pressing pause

Finger and thumb picture frames release borrowed images not meant for public viewing

Orange shadows that line underbellies of passing clouds emit warmth that I gladly embrace and take in

Absorbing my father’s voice creates a balance of calm

A deep breath rids the turbulence of inner tornadoes

I walk out the door knowing I’m not alone