Watercolors of Past and Present Blend

Sifting through a box of self-edits

Textures graze my fingertips, recalling stories left behind

Mixed emotions resurface, decide to keep me company, just for awhile

Reminiscent moments stir my senses, tasted sounds audible only to my ears

Prodding me to relive archived scenes of long ago

Watercolors of past and present blend, waiting for the sun’s warmth to dry them off

Each blurred stroke changing ever so slightly, indistinctly

My reality, who I am

Fade Away

Unknown scents found under tree lines, hidden below the morning mist

No further, daydreams stop in their tracks to listen for lyrics not yet sung

Glances over my shoulder, a presence that remains in the background

Bridges sway silently in the thickness of breathless air

And I fear I will fade away completely unless I feel the touch of your hand one more time

Captured Split Second Pieces

The sound of butterfly nets

In slow motion arcs

Divide clouds

And sift through words

Capturing tenderness and warmth

In split second pieces

That easily escape the naked eye

Held just for now

Savored and embraced

They are released back to the sky

Awaiting others

To be recaptured and inhaled

Shared sentiments to be relived

Connections that continue through time