A Scooped Handful, I Blow

Second lives, abandoned secrets, a year of walking on a wire comes to an end

Railmen wearing red coats holding fire lit lanterns, waive me aboard

A blur passes, I sit by a window, for once, looking out instead of in

The skin of my past crumbles, like old parchment paper finally feeling sunlight, touching air for the first time

A scooped handful, I blow, hovering snowflakes pause then disappear before they touch the ground

The space that used to linger, a void that hovered within my mind and soul, disappears

I realize that I’m finally free, I inhale deeply, I begin to breathe once more

Pale Horses Run, Chasing Heaven into the Fray

Ashen skies, looking on from above

Promise’s last drops filling broken harbors, losing one drip at a time

Missing pieces collecting at water’s edge, a collection of myself

Glassy reflections appearing topside, turbulent currents flowing below


Eternity’s fields, quiet and vast, lay still in waiting

Red circles, pale horses run, chasing heaven into the fray

A hand breaks parting clouds, finds me, safety lying in creases, hidden

Listening to the wind sing of second beginnings, a lullaby, an embrace for tomorrow’s new day

Quiet Alleyways, Cradled Thoughts

I think of quiet alleyways in the early morning

Passages that lead in, sometimes out

Sunrise still in slumber, my footsteps careful not to wake her

Cradled thoughts never leave me, keep me company as I stroll

Season’s end no longer frighten me, a handshake, an embrace

My eyes close before the bustle of the new day touch my ears

And I smile, finally drifting off to sleep

Puzzle Pieces of Me

A box turned upside down

Scattered pieces 

Not all fitting perfectly

In fact, some not belonging at all

Taught to start at the edges

Making the frame

Filling in the rest thereafter

But it’s not quite that simple 

Finding missing pieces at the end

Or parts left without a connection

Standing back

A look from afar

My reflection returning my gaze