Waiting and Watching Weathervanes

Imperfect petals lie in wait

For the gust to bring new life

When wasted moments of worry abate

And fading colors and muting songs no longer look me in the eye

Clear skies revealing once hidden mountain ranges

Open up, calling for me by name

Waiting and watching weathervanes for just the right moment

In any direction, I will go

Replaced by Sunlit Allyways

November remembers swallow’s flight

Lost invitations languish among displaced conversations

Missing years of rain retire, replaced by open sunlit allyways

Phrases pulled from casual vacancies find their voice

Lyrics spill from jars off orange roof tops

Persuasion no longer needed to move forward




Gravity takes over

Falling down

Looking up

Slow motion

Wind through my hair

Hands and arms above my head

Pressing pause just before impact

Stopping in mid-air




Reaching over, pressing play

Splash begins at my feet 

Through my body

Over my head

Bubbles rise

The soles of my feet touch the bottom

Knees bend, I push up to the surface

Air, lungs

Inhale, exhale

The sound of laughter

Climbing out

Climbing up

Ready to do it again


Gone, A Departure, Goodbye

A search for a silhouette in the crowd

Only to find fallen feathers left behind

Strewn on the ground, no message to decipher, there they lay 

Gone, a departure, a goodbye 

Yet vineyard views remain, fresh on my palate, still

How long will I remember this taste on my lips 

Will it ever leave, do I want it to

There will come a day when the freshness of morning will deafen yesterdays of the past

Cleansing my taste for new tomorrows

But yesterdays are here for now, tomorrows too far off to comprehend

And I’m left here treading between the two