Waiting and Watching Weathervanes

Imperfect petals lie in wait

For the gust to bring new life

When wasted moments of worry abate

And fading colors and muting songs no longer look me in the eye

Clear skies revealing once hidden mountain ranges

Open up, calling for me by name

Waiting and watching weathervanes for just the right moment

In any direction, I will go

Embrace the Rain


Trickles down from high altitudes 

White turns blue, blue to clear

Transparent drops divulge more than I wish

On my sleeve they roll without mapped destinations

I am it, it is me

Embracing rain, leaves me drenched, cleansed yet a bit uncomfortable 

Acceptance, not easy, a long road

Puddles collect, reflections emerge

Tomorrows not to be feared

Sanctuary’s Uneven Road

Ashen skies hide sunrise’s thorns, shallow waters fill my lungs

Muted lights through rice paper screen doors, gazing at the truth

Peeled wallpaper hangs off tired walls, waiting to be held then tugged to the floor 

Silent crumpled photos, tangled stories untold, knotted at both ends

Tides of anguish kept at bay, sanctuary’s uneven road, paved with discarded voices


Dawn’s arrival, deep breaths, inhaled tattoos beneath the skin

Not tomorrow nor the next, a knock at my door, a reminder someday will come

A collection of darkness, forever follows, filling each footprint, stride for stride

Running, stopping, turning, hiding – impossible to evade

I stop, I turn, I wait – a reunion, an embrace, a farewell until we meet again

A Scooped Handful, I Blow

Second lives, abandoned secrets, a year of walking on a wire comes to an end

Railmen wearing red coats holding fire lit lanterns, waive me aboard

A blur passes, I sit by a window, for once, looking out instead of in

The skin of my past crumbles, like old parchment paper finally feeling sunlight, touching air for the first time

A scooped handful, I blow, hovering snowflakes pause then disappear before they touch the ground

The space that used to linger, a void that hovered within my mind and soul, disappears

I realize that I’m finally free, I inhale deeply, I begin to breathe once more