Clinging to Crooked Trails

Paper cuts and bent nails

Barefoot between caution’s simmering tale

Clinging to crooked trails, down roads unknown

Waves crash on the shore, giving me pause for my next steps


5 thoughts on “Clinging to Crooked Trails

    1. All is well. Thanks for asking. Lately overthinking perceived missteps. This tends to make me a little anxious. I’m accepting of the fact that I just have to eventually embrace these events and chalk them up for life. Sometimes easier said then done! I appreciate you visiting and commenting from time to time. Hope you are well!

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      1. Ah, a perfectionist! Take deep breaths, and tell yourself you’ll do your best, and let all the rest fall where they may. I love visiting when I can. Yes, all is as well as they can be. Thank you for your thoughtful response. xo


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