Seasons Change

Summer’s sun yearns for fall colors

Grounds scattered with layered leaves

Slices of life that have come and gone

Wishing cold breezes whisk them away


Fall’s barren trees no longer block views of cloudy skies

Bird silhouettes fly across cloud backdrops, in search of winter

December snow may be upon us, I wonder as anticipation grows

If forgiveness will fall from above, granting permission to say goodbye


Morning sunrise reflects off untouched snowfall

Tossed rocks, sink deep out of sight, hidden but still there

Holes remain in the beauty of innocence, not for all to see

Naive no longer, blemished, forever waiting for the thaw


Cherry blossoms rain soft petals

Flittering, their descent takes their time, no hurry to reach the ground

There is beauty in their fall, rebirth of life that once was dark, colors prevail

Fading scars blend with changing seasons, seasons of change never go away


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