A Scooped Handful, I Blow

Second lives, abandoned secrets, a year of walking on a wire comes to an end

Railmen wearing red coats holding fire lit lanterns, waive me aboard

A blur passes, I sit by a window, for once, looking out instead of in

The skin of my past crumbles, like old parchment paper finally feeling sunlight, touching air for the first time

A scooped handful, I blow, hovering snowflakes pause then disappear before they touch the ground

The space that used to linger, a void that hovered within my mind and soul, disappears

I realize that I’m finally free, I inhale deeply, I begin to breathe once more


7 thoughts on “A Scooped Handful, I Blow

    1. Thank you so much. I so appreciate your comments. I wrote this thinking about finally letting go of the past, of things that have weighed me down, of fears and insecurities…. Anything that stops people from living life. Getting rid of that darkness and finally being able to breathe


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