Gone, A Departure, Goodbye

A search for a silhouette in the crowd

Only to find fallen feathers left behind

Strewn on the ground, no message to decipher, there they lay 

Gone, a departure, a goodbye 

Yet vineyard views remain, fresh on my palate, still

How long will I remember this taste on my lips 

Will it ever leave, do I want it to

There will come a day when the freshness of morning will deafen yesterdays of the past

Cleansing my taste for new tomorrows

But yesterdays are here for now, tomorrows too far off to comprehend

And I’m left here treading between the two



6 thoughts on “Gone, A Departure, Goodbye

  1. Awww this is so sad. And something any one who has lost someone or ever said goodbye can relate to. If it’s real then all o can say is sorry and it will get better someday. If it’s fiction then your ability to tell a story and draw out emotion is incredible. Well written on both counts


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